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Could it happen here?
Petoskey News-Review (2/5)
An ample supply of water that is safe for consumption, much like other everyday essential commodities such as electricity, is something most people take for granted until it's not available.

Racine, Waukesha mayors debate lake diversion
The Racine Journal Times (2/4)
As Waukesha, Wis., continues on a quest for Lake Michigan water, the debate over the issue persists as does Racine's opposition.

Ford plant's toxic groundwater plume creeping toward neighborhood
MLive (2/4)
Ford Motor Co. will be pulling groundwater samples from a residential neighborhood adjacent to its Livonia, Mich., transmission plant next week in an effort to discover how far a toxic pollution plume has spread from its facility.

Was Flint River water good enough to drink?
Detroit Free Press (1/31)
Flint River water is blamed for corroding pipes and plumbing throughout Flint, Mich., and elevating lead levels in children after it became the primary source of drinking water for the city in April 2014. But experts say the river may be getting a bad rap.

Report disappointing, says Restore Our Water Intl. rep
The Expositor (1/29)
An official with Restore Our Water International (ROWI) expressed her disappointment with comments made by the International Joint Commission (IJC) on a report released on Great Lakes water diversion.

Michigan governor: Flint water crisis could affect 'many more' kids
CNN (1/27)
It's too soon to know exactly how many children were harmed by lead-poisoned water in Flint, Mich., the state's governor says. But officials are bracing for the possibility of a much higher tally than what blood tests have revealed so far.


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