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Reacting to Flint crisis, EPA launches U.S. drinking water study
Detroit Free Press (4/26)
The public health crisis caused by high lead levels in Flintís water and the toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie in recent years are among the threats being cited by federal environmental officials who called for a comprehensive look at how to better protect the nationís drinking water

Great Lakes leaders to scrutinize Waukesha water diversion bid
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (4/21)
A regional regulating group will meet today and tomorrow in Chicago, Ill., to consider a request for a diversion of water from Lake Michigan by Waukesha, Wis.

Tougher testing, new pipes: Snyderís proposals for new lead standards
Great Lakes Echo (4/20)
In Michigan, Flint is slowly making progress on replacing lead service lines, and the city is coating the pipes with anti-corrosives to prevent more lead from leaching into the water.

COMMENTARY: Water is Central New York's greatest economic development asset
The Syracuse Post-Standard (4/18)
Central New York was a water-based economy in 1825 when the Erie Canal drove our economic growth. This legacy will drive our future. Let's build together.

Thirsty cities begin to eye water from the Great Lakes
Star Tribune (4/16)
Nearly a decade ago, eight governors shook hands on an extraordinary agreement to erect a legal wall around the largest source of fresh water on earth ó the Great Lakes. Now they face the first test.

Flint residents urged to run water to flush any lead from plumbing
The Associated Press (4/16)
Experts trying to flush lead from Flintís old plumbing urged residents to run cold water for a certain period each day for two weeks. The state of Michigan pledged to pay for the extra consumption with a credit on water bills.


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