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New blue-green algae policies in place at water treatment plant
The Sarnia Observer (7/20)
Staff at the water treatment plant serving Sarnia and five other Ontario communities will keep an eye out this summer for blue-green algal blooms in Lake Huron, over its intake pipe.

COMMENTARY: Waukesha water decision is big win for entire region
Milwaukee Business News (7/11)
The decision by the Great Lakes governors to approve Waukesha’s request to tap Lake Michigan for its water supply is not only a big win for that city’s residents, but also a big victory for all of southeastern Wisconsin.

EDITORIAL: Keep a watchful eye on who gets our Great Lakes water
Chicago Sun-Times (7/4)
The agreement of Waukesha's request gives the power to monitor the deal to Canada and the Great Lakes states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. It is no small responsibility.

COMMENTARY: Waukesha water diversion - the right decision was made
The Plain Dealer (7/3)
Governors of the eight Great Lakes states made the right decision when they joined in a unanimous, bipartisan vote to allow the small Wisconsin city of Waukesha to withdraw – and return – water from Lake Michigan.

Regional approach to water not new
The Toledo Blade (7/3)
In Ohio, Toledo and its suburbs are not the first set of regional governments to squabble over water and likely won’t be the last.

First water diversion beyond Great Lakes Basin gets nod
The Manitoulin Expositor (6/29)
Said Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Pat Madahbee, “First Nations on the Canadian side have not been consulted as per the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People to which both Canada and the United States are signatory."


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