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Here are 2 reasons why the drought in California won't open the door to Great Lakes water
Michigan Radio (4/23)
There are two reasons why Great Lakes water won't make it to California: the process of moving water that far wouldn't make economic sense, and Great Lakes water is locked down politically.

Decision on $40 million natural gas pipeline from Avon Lake's NRG plant could come in early June
The Plain Dealer (4/10)
A decision is expected by or before June 8 on whether a natural gas pipeline can be constructed from the NRG plant in Avon Lake through 20 miles of Lorain County, Ohio.


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Consumptive Use Coefficients

To estimate consumptive use, the states and provinces apply various consumptive use coefficients as summarized in the table below.

data table

Developing more accurate consumptive use information is a regional priority. The following reports on consumptive use is available from U.S. Geological Survey Great Lakes Basin Pilot Publications page: