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COMMENTARY: Waukesha’s drinking problem causes regional hangover
Great Lakes Echo (9/4)
The parties should quietly huddle, work out a compromise and emerge with a united front to present to the world. That includes the hordes of water-needy states facing shortages.

COMMENTARY: Waukesha proposal will not harm the Great Lakes
The Buffalo News (9/3)
Approval of the application would show that the spirit of trust and cooperation that led to the compact can be relied upon as we face other regional challenges.

Detroit urged to tie water bills to income
The Detroit News (9/2)
Reacting to water shutoffs and rising rates, Detroit, Mich., activists are pushing for an income-based water affordability plan, saying a system that’s being considered in Philadelphia could help customers and the water department.

EDITORIAL: Be careful with the Great Lakes
Akron Beacon Journal (8/31)
The Great Lakes bring immense value to the region. That explains the formation of the compact, and why it is so crucial that governors weigh carefully the ramifications in what Waukesha wants.

COMMENTARY: In court, the battle for Lake Michigan rages on
The Detroit News (8/26)
In Illinois, the decision on Waukesha’s application to divert water from Lake Michigan will set a precedent that either upholds the protections set by the Great Lakes Compact, or allows many other out-of-basin diversions of Great Lakes water.

Waukesha plan for Lake Michigan water raises worries
The New York Times (8/25)
Waukesha has run smack into a landmark 2008 compact that prohibits large amounts of water from the five Great Lakes from being pumped, trucked, shipped or otherwise moved beyond the system’s natural basin without approval from the governors of each of the eight states that touch a lake.


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Consumptive Use Coefficients

To estimate consumptive use, the states and provinces apply various consumptive use coefficients as summarized in the table below.

data table

Developing more accurate consumptive use information is a regional priority. The following reports on consumptive use is available from U.S. Geological Survey Great Lakes Basin Pilot Publications page: