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COMMENTARY: Waukesha has alternatives to Lake Michigan water
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/19)
Waukesha's reliance on state planning laws to justify a request that has neither the best interest of its residents nor the Great Lakes region at heart is irresponsible at best. The Department of Natural Resources has no other option than to deny Waukesha's request.

Water Wars: Great Lakes-style
Chicagoist (6/5)
Get used to the name “Waukesha.” The Milwaukee suburb is about to be at the center of a serious tussle over the Great Lakes that will quickly ensnare all the states in the region.


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Consumptive Use Coefficients

To estimate consumptive use, the states and provinces apply various consumptive use coefficients as summarized in the table below.

data table

Developing more accurate consumptive use information is a regional priority. The following reports on consumptive use is available from U.S. Geological Survey Great Lakes Basin Pilot Publications page: