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MSU conference explores need for greater international cooperation to protect vital global watersheds
MLive (11/25)
A recent Michigan State University workshop focused on water rights and improving cross-border policies for the protection of the great waters of the world.

Engineer gets $907,000 contract add-on to prepare Flint for KWA water
MLive (11/23)
The engineering company that’s been working with the city at its water plant will continue to as Flint, Mich., prepares to treat raw water from a new Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline.

Regional control of water gets bigger push
The Toledo Blade (11/5)
Signs are emerging that several Ohio communities, from Monroe to Bowling Green and west into Fulton County, could push Toledo harder on the possibility of creating a more regionally-oriented water distribution system in 2016.

For Ontario industries, Olympic-size pool full of water costs less than $10
The Toronto Star (11/3)
Too many Ontario industries are getting off cheap when it comes to the water they draw from the ground, Ontario’s acting environmental commissioner warns.

New SCADA System at water plant
HTR Media (10/27)
Water Department staff have been working for the past several weeks with representatives of Preferred Controls of Albany, Minnesota, on installation of a new supervisory control and data acquisition system for the city’s Lake Michigan water filtration plant.

Water could transform Rust belt into Blue Belt
Detroit Free Press (10/27)
Far from seeking to ship or pipe their water riches off to the highest bidder, the Midwest Great Lakes region that, for decades, has exported sun seekers to Phoenix and Los Angeles, now dares to dream of repurposing the Rust Belt into a “Blue Belt”.


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Consumptive Use Coefficients

To estimate consumptive use, the states and provinces apply various consumptive use coefficients as summarized in the table below.

data table

Developing more accurate consumptive use information is a regional priority. The following reports on consumptive use is available from U.S. Geological Survey Great Lakes Basin Pilot Publications page: