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Toledo: Millions needed to keep drinking water safe
The Associated Press (10/7)
The rising cost of keeping the drinking water free from toxins in Lake Erie and other contaminants in the water might force Toledo, Ohio, to increase water rates again.

Flint water woes put rush on Lake Huron waterline
The Times Herald (10/6)
Michigan’s 10-point action plan to fix Flint’s water includes expediting construction of a water line tearing up the roadways between St. Clair and Sanilac counties.

Milwaukee avoids water system crisis – but not main breaks
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9/30)
Thanks to an infamous public health scare in 1993, Milwaukee, Wis., has largely avoided the nationwide crisis of how to pay for long-deferred upgrades of drinking water treatment systems.

Price for Evanston water line raises eyebrows in Park Ridge
Chicago Tribune (9/23)
Park Ridge officials are questioning what they say are new cost estimate for bringing Lake Michigan water to the city from Evanston.

Bottling plan for water from Lake Superior basin shelved
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9/15)
A Minocqua, Minn., grocer has canceled plans to ship water from springs in the Lake Superior basin, after learning the plan would violate an international water protection agreement between Great Lakes states and Canada.

Waukesha’s quest to divert Lake Michigan water challenged
Wisconsin Gazette (9/10)
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is opposed to Waukesha’s quest to divert water from Lake Michigan, but the city argues that this is the only answer to a court order to improve water quality by June 2018 and to also meet demands for more water.


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