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COMMENTARY: In court, the battle for Lake Michigan rages on
The Detroit News (8/26)
In Illinois, the decision on Waukesha’s application to divert water from Lake Michigan will set a precedent that either upholds the protections set by the Great Lakes Compact, or allows many other out-of-basin diversions of Great Lakes water.

Waukesha plan for Lake Michigan water raises worries
The New York Times (8/25)
Waukesha has run smack into a landmark 2008 compact that prohibits large amounts of water from the five Great Lakes from being pumped, trucked, shipped or otherwise moved beyond the system’s natural basin without approval from the governors of each of the eight states that touch a lake.

Public hearing set on Waukesha’s attempt to get Lake Michigan water
The Racine Journal Times (8/16)
The request by Waukesha, Wis., to obtain Lake Michigan water will be the focus of public hearings this week. The meetings are part of a long process Waukesha must complete to acquire water from Lake Michigan.

COMMENTARY: Science, cost don't support Great Lakes diversion plan
Green Bay Press Gazette (8/11)
It's time to hold Waukesha accountable for providing safe and clean water to its residents in a way that is respectful of its own residents, the Great Lakes Compact, and the Great Lakes region, says the executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

Economic impact of the Great Lakes grows as long droughts increase
WKSU - Kent, OH (8/11)
As the Southwestern U.S. struggles with persistent drought, the Great Lakes region is protecting its supply of fresh water -- about a fifth of all the fresh water in the world. WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports on the resource’s changing social and economic influence.


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