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Nonpoint Source Pollution Educational Primers

The following three educational primer modules are presentations intended to inform and educate a variety of stakeholders on the importance of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution and control within the Great Lakes basin. Each module is geared toward actions that may apply to different user groups and/or land uses.

In addition to using these modules, the presenter is encouraged to provide local examples and contact information for audience members to seek additional information.

NPS Educational Primer Modules:

How to Use the Educational Primer Modules: User Instructions and Background

Note: When downloading the PowerPoint files, save the file locally. Then, open the file and click Read Only when prompted for a password. If you need to remove, add, or edit a slide, please contact Gary Overmier at the Great Lakes Commission (734-971-9135 or garyo@glc.org) for assistance.


Urban and Suburban Communities

PowerPoint (3.7 mb) - Save, then open as Read Only

PDF (1.4 mb)


Agricultural and Rural Land Management

PowerPoint (3.5 mb) - Save, then open as Read Only

PDF (1.3 mb)


Forests and Inland Lakes

PowerPoint (6.4 mb) - Save, then open as Read Only

PDF (1.7 mb)


State NPS Pollution Agency Guides:


Paper Size (for printing)


8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)


8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)


8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)


8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)

New York

8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)


8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)


8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)


8.5 x 11-inch

11x17-inch (foldable)


Additional Resources:


For More Information, Contact:

Gary Overmier, Senior Project Manager

Great Lakes Commission

(734) 971-9135













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