Lake St. Clair Coastal Habitat
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Habitat Types [detailed habitat links]:

  1. Upland [map]
    Bare Land, Cultivated Land, Developed Land, Grassland, Woody Land

  2. Wetlands [map]
    Lakeplain Prairie, Marsh, Unconsolidated Shore, Woody Wetland

  3. Water [map]
    Aquatic Bed, Open Water


  1. Altered Hydrology
    Diking and Breakwalls, Draining, Filling and Dredging, Water Level Changes

  2. Land Development / Urban Expansion
    Agriculture, Habitat Fragmentation, Soil Erosion and SedimentationStormwater, Urban Development

  3. Contaminants
    Contaminated Sediments, Nutrient Loadings, Toxic/Chemical Loadings

  4. Shoreline Modification, Shipping & Boating
    Marina Development, Shoreline Hardening, Vegetation Removal, Vessel Activity

  5. Invasive Species
    Aquatic and Wetland Invasive Animals, Aquatic and Wetland Invasive Plants, Terrestrial Invasive Animals, Terrestrial Invasive Plants

  6. Natural Disturbances
    Flooding, Ice Storms, Water Level Fluctuations, Wildfire, Wind Throw

Conservation Planning

Integrated Coastal Management Tool

Spatial Data:
Or view by: environmental sensitivity, landcover type, potential conservation areas, project area

Habitat Assessment