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Lake St. Clair habitat area

Lake St. Clair Coastal Habitat Area:
A 10-mile buffer around Lake St. Clair
including all islands and channels.
Project Overview
The Lake St. Clair Coastal Habitat Project examines the variety of habitats around Lake St. Clair and ways to protect and conserve them. The geographic scope of the project extends from the nearshore waters to 10 miles inland. Habitats that far from the shore influence, and are influenced by, events at the water's edge. A full watershed assessment would incorporate all of the lands upstream that drain into Lake St. Clair. Nonetheless, the scope of this effort provides a wealth of information about the variety of habitats, stressors on them, and methods to conserve and protect them.

A series of tools have been developed and are featured on this web site, including maps that indicate managed (e.g., protected) areas, proposed conservation areas, and other important features. Also, check out the habitat planning tool that allows resource managers and other stakeholders to assess the impacts of various land use decisions within the study area and to prioritize activities to protect and restore those habitats that are most unique or valuable.

marsh photo (left) marsh photo (center) marsh photo (right) Photos courtesy of MNFI and the Great Lakes Commission