Lake St. Clair Coastal Habitat
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Bare Land

Photo: Paula McIntryre

Bare lands can range from natural settings, such as bedrock, desert pavement, volcanic material, glacial debris and sand dunes, to man-made features such as gravel pits and strip mines, but in any case, vegetation covers less than ten percent of the land. Within the project area, a few sand or gravel pits may fall into this category but the majority of these lands consist of sites which are being cleared for construction. They provide little habitat value and are a significant source of soil erosion and sedimentation.

As a land cover type, bare land can be an important indicator of land use trends and threats to valuable habitat. Bare lands increased from 1,723 acres (697 hectares) in 1995 to 2,163 acres (875 hectares) in 2000 within the project area , an increase of 25%, reflecting the rapid pace of development.

For more information, see: Coastal Habitat Assessment, Section IV (PDF)