Description: Lake St. Clair Habitat Project Area - 1995
C-CAP is dedicated to the development, distribution, and application of land cover and change data for the nation's coastal zone. C-CAP land cover and land cover change products are designed to assist coastal resource managers in their decision-making processes. These data sets can be used to assess urban growth, determine changes to natural resources and develop trend analyses. The C-CAP products contain land cover data for two dates, approximately 5 years apart and a change product illustrating the difference between the two dates. C-CAP products are derived from Landsat Satellite imagery, have a 30 meter pixel resolution, target an 85% overall classification accuracy and contain 22 land cover classes. C-CAP is part of the Coastal Remote Sensing Program of the NOAA Coastal Services Center, located in Charleston, South Carolina.  This is 1995 data.