Description: Proposed Conservation Areas
These data identify and rank Proposed Conservation Areas (PCAs) remaining in a 10 mile buffer area around Lake St. Clair area. PCAs are defined as places on the landscape dominated by native vegetation that have various levels of potential for harboring high quality natural areas and unique natural features.  In addition these areas may provide critical ecological services such as maintaining water quality and quantity, soil development and stabilization, pollination of cropland, wildlife travel corridors, stopover sites for migratory birds, sources of genetic diversity and floodwater retention.  The process established by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI) of identifying potential conservation areas, can also be used to update and track the status of these remaining sites. MNFI recommends that local municipalities in Ontario, Michigan and Walpole Island First Nation incorporate this information into their comprehensive natural area mapping services.  The site map and ranking data can be used by local municipalities, land trusts, and other agencies to prioritize conservation efforts and assist in finding opportunities to establish an open space system of linked natural areas along Lake St. Clair.  This data is current as of 2004.