Lake St. Clair Coastal Habitat
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As part of the Lake St. Clair Coastal Habitat Conservation and Restoration project, project partners developed a number of Abstracts or detailed documents describing particular plants, animals or natural communities that occur within the project area. Michigan Natural Features Inventory took the lead in this endeavor, producing 30 abstracts specifically for the project in addition to those already on their website. The Walpole Island Heritage Center also produced ten abstracts that relate specifically to plants or animals found on Walpole Island, praticularly those that are culturally important to the people who live there.

Links to each of the abstracts are listed below and are grouped  by:

Natural Communities | Terrestrial Animals | Aquatic Animals | Plants


Floodplain forest

Great Lakes marsh

Lakeplain oak opening

Lakeplain wet prairie

Lakeplain wet-mesic prairie

Terrestrial Animals
Cooper's hawk
Henslow's sparrow
Short-eared owl
American bittern

Red-shouldered hawk

Black tern

Northern harrier

Spotted turtle

Cerulean warbler

Eastern fox snake

Blanding's turtle

Persius dustywing

Great blue heron rookery

Least bittern

Migrant loggerhead shrike

Black-crowned night heron

Blazing star borer

Culver's root borer

Red-legged spittlebug

King rail

Eastern massasauga

Forster's tern

Common tern

Yellow-headed blackbird

Aquatic Animals
Lake sturgeon
Eastern sand darter
Redside dace
Purple wartyback

White catspaw

Northern riffleshell



Wavy-rayed lampmussel

Silver chub

River redhorse

Pugnose shiner

Northern madtom


Round hickorynut

Pugnose minnow

Channel darter


Salamander mussel

Purple lilliput

Rayed bean

Gattinger's gerardia
Skinner's gerardia
Three-awned grass
Virginia snakeroot

Tall green milkweed

Purple milkweed

Sullivant's milkweed

Hill's thistle

Small white lady's slipper

Large toothwort

American beakgrass

Tiny love grass

Tinted spurge

Chestnut sedge

Pumpkin ash

Showy orchis

White Prairie Gentian

Kentucky coffee-tree

Swamp rose mallow



Short-fruited rush

Leggett's pinweed

Wing-stemmed monkey-flower

American lotus

Leiberg's panic grass

Smooth beardstongue

Orange-fringed orchid

Eastern prairie fringed-orchid

Pink milkwort

Virginia mountain mint

Tall nut-rush


Prairie buttercup

Meadow beauty

Few-flowered nut-rush

Blue-eyed grass

Painted trillium

Wild rice