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Welcome to the Great Lakes Commission's collection of sustainable land use web resources. Links to recent relevant news stories are below and you can search the Great Lakes Information Network news archives by using the box at the bottom of the page. Follow the links on the left for issue-specific resources organized by state or province.

$8.6M to transform Howard Beach farmland into 700-acre coastal park
The Toledo Blade (4/29)
Nearly eight years after buying the land, Metroparks of the Toledo Area has given the go-ahead for the initial phase of Howard Marsh Metropark. Park district commissioners approved a contract to restore about 700 acres of former farmland into a coastal wetland recreation area.

Finger Lakes Land Trust buys 1,300 acres of picturesque Otisco Lake shoreline
The Post-Standard (4/18)
The Finger Lakes Land Trust recently announced the acquisition of 1,300 feet of shoreline on Otisco Lake along with 38 acres of adjacent forested hillside. Otisco is the easternmost Finger Lake, located in Onondaga County just south of Syracuse, N.Y.

Great Lakes cities swallow streams
Great Lakes Echo (4/11)
The Great Lakes may boast a fifth of the world’s fresh surface water, but the region is also home to the largest collection of urban stream deserts.

Waterfront strategy’s focus shifts to growth, economic development
Niagara This Week (4/4)
Regional programs designed to enhance Niagara, N.Y., waterfronts through financial incentives are shifting gears to concentrate on the region’s new focus on economic development and prosperity.

Organic lawn programs strive to keep weeds out and thick, green grass in
Duluth News Tribune (3/25)
It's the bugs and turf diseases that keep Paul Miller in business. But the owner of Duluth’s Evergreen Lawn Service, in Minnesota, is relying on another sector to keep things going — organic lawn care.

Sandusky lands rare research grant to protect, enhance lakes
Sandusky Register (2/10)
In some regards, Sandusky, Ohio, just can’t compete with most metropolises. But the small city just pulled off a major upset, snagging a new and rare research opportunity many other waterfront communities also wanted.

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