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Welcome to the Great Lakes Commission's collection of sustainable land use web resources. Links to recent relevant news stories are below and you can search the Great Lakes Information Network news archives by using the box at the bottom of the page. Follow the links on the left for issue-specific resources organized by state or province.

Bayfield County Board unanimously approves LSLSC recommendations
The Ashland Daily Press (1/27)
In Wisconsin, the Bayfield County Board unanimously approved all recommendations the Large-Scale Livestock Study Committee presented to them during their meeting, including their final report and the two recommended ordinances.

Scientists hope vacant lot gardens keep water clean
The Detroit News (11/29)
In Detroit, Mich., vacant lots are home to a garden designed to keep pressure off the city’s wastewater treatment system and protect human health while beautifying neighborhoods.

New Canadian government could derail plans for nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron
Michigan Radio (10/22)
Opponents of a proposed nuclear waste dump along Lake Huron, in Ontario, are optimistic that a new Canadian government will reject the plan.

COMMENTARY: Trendy Toronto: City embracing its waterways in style similar to Pittsburg
Pittsburg Post-Gazette (10/21)
Toronto’s big remake embraces its waterfront, in much the same way that Pittsburg has, with a $1.5 billion (CDN) public project, making the waterfront open and full of glistening towers, parks and promenades.

Waterfront Toronto a model of governmental cooperation: Hume
The Toronto Star (10/12)
For 15 years, tripartite agency Waterfront Toronto has presided over a spectacular rebirth of Toronto’s long-neglected lakeside precincts.

COMMENTARY: You can have both port and recreational development of Muskegon Lake
MLive (10/7)
Like many other Great Lake cities, Muskegon, Mich., can and should pursue future port development and recreational uses for the waterfront.

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