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Welcome to the Great Lakes Commission's collection of sustainable land use web resources. Links to recent relevant news stories are below and you can search the Great Lakes Information Network news archives by using the box at the bottom of the page. Follow the links on the left for issue-specific resources organized by state or province.

EDITORIAL: Not in our lakes
Huron Daily Tribune (8/15)
The Huron Daily Tribune says that when it comes to storing nuclear waste, common sense dictates the last area that should be considered is near the Great Lakes.

COMMENTARY: Lake Huron is no place for a nuclear waste dump
Epoch Times (7/20)
Environmental organization argues against a proposed nuclear waste repository near Lake Huron.

Environmentalists, Kohler collide on Lake Michigan golf course plan
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/17)
Environmentalists and some Sheboygan County, Wisc. residents are complaining that Kohler Co.'s latest planned golf showpiece will harm land along the shores of Lake Michigan, rather than enhance it.

Michigan residents consider how to limit erosion at popular Lake Superior destination
The Associated Press (7/14)
Marquette, Mich. officials are looking for ways to limit erosion around Presque Isle Park, a popular recreational area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Park committee members are concerned about decreasing vegetation and soil cover around the popular Lake Superior destination.

Wisconsin environmentalists working to stop Enbridge pipeline expansion
The Cap Times (7/10)
A local chapter of an international climate action group is calling on counties located along a pipeline that runs the length of Wisconsin to address potential oil spills by requiring bonds be issued on the project, an unprecedented move toward the industry.

Michigan Senate asks IJC to study proposed nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron
Detroit Free Press (6/5)
The Michigan state Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes on Thursday called on the International Joint Commission to intervene in plans to put a Canadian nuclear waste storage facility near the shores of the Great Lakes. The committee also voted to urge the Great Lakes Commission to study and take a position on the proposal.

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