Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
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About GLBP Funded Projects in Wisconsin

Since 1991, the Great Lakes Basin Program has supported six soil erosion and sediment control projects in Wisconsin totaling $139,800, with an additional $103,076 being leveraged from non-federal sources.

Projects in Wisconsin have focused on agricultural, urban, and forestry related erosion, and one project examined the impacts of dredging. These projects have prevented the loss of 2,738 tons of soil. In addition, the projects have directly eliminated the potential input of over six tons of nitrogen and seven tons of phosphorus into Wisconsin's lakes and streams.

Public information and education programs have also been an important component of Wisconsin projects, targeting key stakeholders groups such as developers, farmers, foresters, urban residents, and government agency personnel. Projects have used newspapers, cable television, radio, billboards and newsletters as the vehicles for disseminating effective soil erosion and sediment control information to over 460,000 people.

Project Title Project Type Erosion Type
1. Forest Road Building WorkshopsInformation/EducationForestry
2. Water and Sediment Control Basin/Grassed WaterwayDemonstrationAgricultural
3. Construction Site Erosion Control Demonstration for RoadsDemonstrationConstruction|Roadside
4. Clean Bay Backer Water Quality PamphletInformation/EducationAll
5. Clean Bay Backer Erosion AwarenessInformation/EducationAll
6. Dredging Impacts StudyInformation/EducationAll
7. Sediment Reduction in the Milwaukee River South Priority WatershedDemonstrationAgricultural
8. Portable Bridge Project for Temporary Water CrossingsDemonstrationForestry
9. Stony Creek Watershed Sediment Delivery and Soil Erosion ReductionDemonstrationAgricultural
10. Pensaukee River Watershed Riparian Buffer ProjectDemonstrationAgricultural
11. Great Lakes Grazing NetworkInformation/ EducationAgricultural
12. Buffer Installation on Low Order Streams -- Oconto Co. WIProgram and Technical Assistance
13. Demonstration of Streambank Stabilization for Submerged VanesDemonstrationShoreline
14. LaCount Parkway Stream Corridor Restoration Demonstration ProjectDemonstrationShoreline
15. Plum Creek Erosion Control and Sediment Reduction ProjectProgram and Technical AssistanceAgricultural
16. Stream Crossing Installation Videos and Power Point PresentationsProgram and Technical AssistanceForestry
17. Water and Sediment Control Basin in Fond du Lac County, WIDemonstration Shoreline
18. Fish Habitat Restoration by Buffer Strip InstallationProgram and Technical Assistance Agricultural
19. Forest Roads and Stream Crossing WorkshopInformation and EducationForest
20. Lake Michigan Shoreline RestorationInformation and EducationAgricultural
21. Rain Garden DemonstrationDemonstration ProjectsUrban
22. Root River Stream Shoreland ProjectDemonstration ProjectsShoreline
23. Bender Park Slope Stabilization Demonstration ProjectDemonstration ProjectShoreline/Streambank Stabilization
24. Wisconsin BMPs for Water Quality Educational ProgramInformation and EducationForest, Logging and Road Maintenance
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