Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
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About GLBP Funded Projects in Pennsylvania

The Great Lakes Basin Program has supported six soil erosion and sediment control projects in Pennsylvania totaling $78,100, with an additional $91,300 being leveraged from non-federal sources.

Projects in Pennsylvania have demonstrated or provided information statewide about several innovative techniques to reduce streambank, urban and agricultural erosion and sedimentation. These projects will directly prevent the loss of over 2,257 tons of soil, as well as preventing inputs of over nine tons of nitrogen and 12 tons of phosphorus over the lives of the projects.

Public information and education programs have been an important component of the Pennsylvania effort, targeting key stakeholder groups such as developers, farmers, design engineers and government agency personnel. In total, more than 600 people have been directly educated about these projects.

Project Title Project Type Erosion Type
1. Cascade Creek Sedimentation Control and Educational ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
2. Innovative Erosion Control Involving the Beneficial Use of Dredged Material, Indigenous Vegetation, and Landscaping Along the Lake Erie ShorelineDemonstrationShoreline
3. NPDES / Erosion and Sedimentation Control ProjectDemonstrationUrban
4. Grazing/Water Supply Erosion ControlDemonstrationAgricultural
5. Effectiveness of Undersized Sediment BasinsDemonstrationAll
6. Effectiveness of Skimmers to Control Dewatering of Sediment BasinsDemonstrationUrban|Construction
7. Stream Crossings for Logging Operations: A VideoInformation/EducationForestry
8. Determination of Sediment Loading Potential to Pennsylvania Lake Erie Coastal Waters Due to Bluff Erosion and Storm Water Discharge RavinesTechnical AssistanceShoreline
9. Cascade Creek Hydrological Modeling and Floodplain RestorationDemonstrationStream Channel Restoration
10. Design and Performance of Rootwads in Streambank RestorationDemonstrationStream Channel Restoration
11. Green Roofs Can Detain and Remove Pollutants from Stormwater Runoff Information and EducationUrban Erosion Control
12. Lake Erie Cliff Erosion Prevention Demonstration ProjectDemonstration shorline
13. Keeping Scott Run in DaylightDemonstration ProjectsUrban
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