Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
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Our Task Force members represent all Great Lakes states.

About GLBP Funded Projects in New York

According to Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) data for New York, erosion rates in Great Lakes watersheds range from less than five percent of the tolerable rate T to one and two times T (where T is calculated using the Universal Soil Loss Equation). To address this problem, since 1991 the Great Lakes Basin Program has supported 23 soil erosion and sediment control projects in New York totaling over $512,000, with an additional $447,500 being leveraged from non-federal sources.

New York projects have ranged from innovative grazing regimes to urban and streambank erosion control. Over 100 acres are under some form of soil erosion and sediment control, thereby preventing the loss of over 111,000 tons of soil over the life of the project. Benefits include improved water clarity and nearshore fish spawning habitat.

Public information and education programs have been an important component of the New York effort, targeting key stakeholders groups such as developers, landowners, school children and government agency personnel. Projects have used newspapers and newsletters as the vehicles for disseminating effective soil erosion and sediment control information.

Project Title Project Type Erosion Type
1. Protected Shores: Enhancing Your Shoreline PropertyInformation/EducationShoreline
2. Critical Area Seeding: Road BanksDemonstrationRoadside
3. What's the Dirt?Information/EducationAll
4. Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance Pilot ProjectTechnical AssistanceAll
5. Honeoye Lake Watershed Public Awareness and Education ProjectInformation/EducationAll
6. Highway Water Quality ImprovementTechnical AssistanceConstruction|Roadside
7. Cold Brook Stream ImprovementTechnical AssistanceStreambank
8. Urban Construction Site Runoff DioramaInformation/EducationConstruction
9. Dutch Hollow Brook Streambank ProtectionDemonstrationStreambank
10. Kashong Creek Watershed Streambank Filter StripsDemonstrationAgricultural
11. Oswego River Erosion Control ProjectInformation/EducationStreambank
12. Oswego River Erosion Control ProjectInformation/EducationStreambank
13. Public Participation / Agricultural Stewardship ProgramDemonstration
14. Road Ditch Stabilization Demonstration for Town Highway SuperintendentsDemonstrationRoadside
15. Grazing Land Initiative/Sullivan Trail ResourceDemonstrationAgricultural
16. Single Family Dwelling Construction: Soil Erosion and Sediment Control EducationInformation/EducationConstruction
17. Stewardship Awareness and Water Quality Protection Demonstration ProjectsDemonstration
18. Vegetation EstablishmentTechnical AssistanceForestry
19. Water Quality Erosion Control WorkshopsInformation/EducationAll
20. Water Quality BMPs on Forest LandsInformation/EducationAll
21. Erosion and Sedimentation Education for Lake Erie SchoolsInformationeducational
22. Natural Stream Restoration in the Seneca Lake WatershedDemonstrationStream Restoration
23. Stormwater Phase II Initiative in the Seneca and Keuka Lake WatershedsInformationEducation
24. Assessment of Modeling Tools and Data Needs for TMDL Plandemonstration/Emerging IssuesTMDLs
25. Cazenovia Creek Streambank Stabilization Joint Board 18RProgram and Technical Assistance/Emerging IssuesStream Channel Restoration
26. Cazenovia Creek Streambank Stabilization Joint Board 27RProgram and Technical AssistanceShoreline
27. Erie County Phase II Storm Water Public Education Program Information and Education/ Emerging IssuesPhase II Stormwater
28. Franklin-St. Lawrence Soil Protection and Stabilization ProgramProgram and Technical AssistanceAgricultural
29. Owasco Lake Tributary Assessment and Management Plan DevelopmentProgram and Technical AssistanceShoreline
30. Prescribed Grazing Management ProjectProgram and Technical AssistanceAgricultural
31. Riparian Erosion Control Education ProjectInformation and EducationShorline
32. Roadway Stormwater Management and Training Program DevelopmentProgram and Technical Assistance / Emerging IssuesPhase II Stormwater
33. Scajaquada Creek Streambank Restoration for Erosion ControlDemonstrationurban erosion control
34. Stabilizing High, Steep Stream Banks: A Natural Approachdemonstration / emerging issuestream channel restoration
35. Remediation of the Limestone Creek LandslideDemonstration ProjectShoreline/Streambank Stabilization
36. Stormwater Phase II Initiative in the Seneca and Keuka Lake WatershedsProgram and Technical AssistanceUrban Erosion Control
37. Cazenovia Creek Streambank Stabilization Joint Board 27LProgram and Technical AssistanceShoreline
38. Dutch Hollow Brook Streambank Stabilization ProjectDemonstration Projects Shoreline
39. Addressing a Critical Gap in the Development of Sediment TMDLsProgram and Technical Assistance Agricultural
40. Improving Water Quality Through Erosion and Stormwater EducationInformation and EducationUrban
41. Phase I & II SPDES Construction Inspection ProgramProgram and Technical AssistanceAll
42. Identification of Unstable Reaches and Stream Channel Design ParameterProgram and Technical AssistanceShoreline
43. Seneca Lake Watershed Forestland BMP Outreach ProjectInformation and EducationForest
44. Remediation of the Limestone Creek LandslideDemonstration ProjectsShoreline/Streambank Stabilization
45. Upper Cattaraugus Creek Demonstration ProjectDemonstrationShoreline/Streambank Stabilization
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