Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
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About GLBP Funded Projects in Minnesota

Approximately 70,000 tons of soil erode each year from the Minnesota Lake Superior shoreline alone, causing economic and environmental losses and damages. To address this problem, since 1991 the Great Lakes Basin Program has supported 14 soil erosion and sediment control projects in Minnesota totaling over $424,000, with an additional $140,000 being leveraged from non-federal sources.

Minnesota projects have focused primarily on lakeshore/shoreline erosion problems associated with Lake Superior's highly erodible clay soils. Many of those projects have developed institutional capacity to manage these erosion problems. Over 43 acres are under some form of soil erosion and sediment control, thereby preventing the loss of over 58,500 tons of soil annually. Benefits include improved water clarity and nearshore fish spawning habitat.

Public information and education programs have been an important component of the Minnesota effort, targeting key stakeholders groups such as developers, landowners, school children and government agency personnel. Projects have used newspapers and newsletters as the vehicles for disseminating effective soil erosion and sediment control information.

Project Title Project Type Erosion Type
1. Multi-Agency GIS Database and Planning Tool for Minnesota's Lake Superior ShorelineTechnical AssistanceShoreline
2. Knife River Watershed Education ProjectInformation/EducationStreambank|Agricultural
3. Soil Testing / Phreatic investigation: Lake Superior Shoreline StabilizationTechnical AssistanceShoreline
4. Lincoln Park Miller Creek Bed Restoration ProjectDemonstrationStreambank|Urban
5. Low Impact Development Demonstration Projectdemonstrationurban erosion control
6. Baptism River Streambank Stablization Demonstration ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
7. BMP Workshop on Minnesota / Lake Superior BasinInformation/EducationShoreline
8. Dune Stabilization on Minnesota PointDemonstrationShoreline
9. Watershed Guardian ProgramDemonstrationStreambank
10. Kingsbury Creek Erosion ProjectTechnical AssistanceStreambank
11. Lake Superior Low Cost Shoreline Erosion Control Demonstration ProjectsDemonstrationShoreline
12. Nemadji River Basin Information Management ProjectInformation/EducationAll
13. Lake Superior Shoreline StabilizationDemonstration
14. Lake Superior Shoreline Vegetation Demonstration Projects for Erosion Control and Bluff StabilityDemonstrationShoreline
15. Sustainable Development Initiative for Cook CountyTechnical AssistanceConstruction
16. Enhanced SWCD Construction InspectionDemonstrationShoreline|Construction
17. Enhancement of Lake Superior's Water QualityTechnical AssistanceShoreline
18. Applying Natural Restoration Techniques to Slope RestorationDemonstrationShoreline
19. Lake Superior Tall Clay Bluff Restoration Demonstration ProjectDemonstrationShoreline
20. Western Lake Superior NEMO Project Community ProgramInformation and EducationLand Use Planning
21. Enhancing the Lower St. Louis RiverInformation and EducationShoreline
22. Portable Logging BridgesDemonstration ProjectForest, Logging and Road Maintenance
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