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About GLBP Funded Projects in Michigan

Michigan is centrally located in the Great Lakes basin and, as such, every stream in the state eventually empties into a Great Lake or connecting channel. Soil erosion and sedimentation to the Great Lakes is therefore a significant issue for Michigan. To address this problem, the Great Lakes Basin Program has supported 66 projects in Michigan since 1991. Basin Program support totals over $3.77 million, with an additional $1.36 million being leveraged from non-federal sources.

GLBP projects have focused on a variety of areas including agricultural, streambank, urban and forest-based erosion. Over 107,000 acres are under some form of best management practice, thereby preventing the loss of over 325,000 tons of soil annually. Benefits include improved water clarity and newshore fish spawning habitat.

Formal and informal education and public information projects have been an important component of the effort in Michigan. These activities target important stakeholder groups such as developers, landowners, government agency personnel and school children. Projects have used print and radio media as well as workshops and training opportunities to disseminate information on soil erosion and sedimentation control.

Project Title Project Type Erosion Type
1. Agricultural Impact Reduction ProgramDemonstrationAgricultural
2. Great Lakes Better Backroads Initiative Phase IIIInformation/EducationRoadside
3. Lake Michigan Shoreline Erosion Control Project in Antrim CountyDemonstrationShoreline
4. Psutka Road Crossing ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
5. Sauk River Adopt-A-Stream ProjectInformation/EducationStreambank
6. Upper Tahquamenon River Restoration ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
7. Thunder Bay River Watershed Habitat and Protection ProjectTechnical AssistanceStreambank
8. Soil Erosion Control Practices Along Detroit's Urban WaterfrontDemonstrationStreambank
9. Agricultural Soil Erosion Reduction ProjectDemonstrationAgricultural
10. Antrim Creek/Cedar River Road RestorationDemonstrationRoadside
11. Great Lakes Better Backroads Education ProgramInformation/EducationRoadside
12. Big Manistee, North Branch ProjectTechnical AssistanceStreambank
13. Reducing Sedimentation of the Boardman River Through Public InvolvementDemonstrationStreambank
14. Reducing Sedimentation on the Boardman River Through Greater Public InvolvementDemonstration
15. Chocolay River Restoration (Thalwegzation) Demonstration ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
16. Civil Engineering Technician Technical Assistance ProgramTechnical AssistanceAll
17. Deerfield Nature Park Erosion Control ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
18. Empowering Environmental Youth Clubs Through the Great Lakes Basin ProgramInformation/Education
19. Soil Erosion and Sediment Control EducationInformation/EducationAll
20. Lower Millecoquin River Stabilization DemonstrationDemonstrationStreambank
21. Montague Drain Bio-Engineering Erosion Control ProjectTechnical AssistanceStreambank
22. Mud BustersInformation/EducationAll
23. Mud Busters - The SequelTechnical AssistanceAll
24. North Branch of the Bad River Adopt-A-Stream ProgramTechnical AssistanceStreambank
25. Controlling Soil Erosion and Sedimentation on Private LandsTechnical Assistance
26. Rapid River Restoration ProjectDemonstrationRoadside
27. Rapid River Road/Stream Crossing Restoration ProjectDemonstrationRoadside
28. Rifle River Streambank Stabilization DemonstrationDemonstrationStreambank
29. Riparian Homeowner's Stewardship ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
30. Saginaw Bay Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control ProgramDemonstration
31. Silver Creek Bank Stabilization and Habitat Rehabilitation ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
32. Erosion and Sedimentation ControlTechnical Assistance
33. Muskegon Lake/White Lake Water Quality ProjectDemonstration
34. St. Joseph River Soil Erosion and Sediment ControlInformation/EducationAgricultural|Streambank
35. Swan Creek Bioengineering ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
36. Thunder Bay River Streambank RestorationDemonstrationStreambank
37. Use of the WWW for Watershed ManagementInformation/EducationAll
38. Vegetative Barriers to Prevent Soil Erosion and Increase Biological Pest Control in Agricultural LandscapesTechnical AssistanceAgricultural
39. Wetlands, Wildlife and You TooAllAgricultural|Streambank
40. Soil Erosion and Sediment Control on White River Tributaries in Newaygo CountyTechnical AssistanceStreambank
41. York Creek/Alpine-Walker Drain Stream Bank Stabilization ProjectDemonstrationStreambank
42. Improving Muskegon Lake Water Quality Through Proper Land Use in the Ryerson Creek WatershedDemonstrationStreambank
43. Erosion / Sediment Control Demonstration Project--Nichols ArboretumDemonstrationUrban
44. Soft Engineering and Natural Methods Control Streambank Erosion, SedimentDemonstrationShoreline
45. Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Reduction in the St. Joseph River BasinProgram and Technical AssistanceAgricultural
46. Urban Erosion Control Project for Loop Park Technical AssistanceUrban
47. The Dirt Doctors: Lesson Plans on Soil Erosion and Sediment PollutionInformation/EducationUrban
48. North Sharon Road Timber Bridge ProjectTechnical AssistanceShoreline
49. Berry Lake Inlet Watershed Soil Erosion/Sediment Control ProjectProgram and Technical AssistanceAgricultural/Rural Conservation Treatment
50. Eastern Alger County Watershed Erosion Control ProjectDemonstration ProjectsShoreline
51. Erosion Control for Construction Sites - Education ProgramInformation and EducationUrban Erosion Control
52. Promoting Private Land Protection in the Saginaw Bay WatershedInformation and EducationOpen space/ water quality protection
53. Soil Erosion and Runoff From Livestock Farms with a Modified No-Till SystemDemonstrationAgricultural
54. SESC Procedures for Drain CommissionersProgram and Technical AssistanceRural and Urban Control Measures
55. Shiawassee River Conservation Tillage ProjectDemonstrationAgricultural
56. Berry Lake Inlet Watershed Soil Erosion/Sediment Control ProjectProgram and Technical AssistanceAgricultural
57. Big Sable River Road Crossing Improvement ProjectDemonstration Forest
58. Galbraith Drain Stream and Floodplain Restoration ProjectDemonstrationShoreline
59. Kidís Creek Buffalo Pasture Restoration ProjectDemonstrationShoreline
60. Lake Erie Watersheds Riparian Corridor Improvement ProjectDemonstrationUrban Erosion Control
61. Red Cedar River Urban Buffer ProjectProgram and Technical AssistanceUrban Erosion Control
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