Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
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About GLBP Funded Projects in Indiana

Approximately 6 million tons of soil erode each year in Indiana's portion of the Great Lakes Basin, causing economic and environmental losses and damages. To address this problem, since 1991 the Great Lakes Basin Program has supported six soil erosion and sediment control projects in Indiana totaling $96,311, with an additional $145,917 being leveraged from non-federal sources.

Agricultural erosion (runoff from cropland, pasture land, animal facilities) and urban erosion (runoff/erosion from construction, highways, drain maintenance, road/stream crossings) have been the focus of the projects awarded in Indiana. About 4,000 acres are under some form of soil erosion and sediment control, thereby preventing the loss of 64,100 tons of soil annually, among other benefits.

Public information and education programs have been an important component of the Indiana effort, targeting key stakeholders groups such as developers, landowners, school children and government agency personnel. Projects have used newspapers, cable television and newsletters as the vehicles for disseminating effective soil erosion and sediment control information.

Project Title Project Type Erosion Type
1. Apollo Erosion Control ProjectTechnical AssistanceConstruction
2. Evaluation of an Economic Incentive for Construction Site Erosion ControlDemonstrationConstruction
3. Northwest Indiana Great Lakes Basin Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Assistance ProgramTechnical AssistanceUrban
4. Fish Creek Area Stabilization ProgramDemonstrationAgriculture
5. Streambank Stabilization and Erosion ControlDemonstrationAgricultural
6. Urban Erosion Control DemonstrationDemonstration
Technical Assistance
7. Fish Creek Watershed ProjectInformation/Education
Technical Assistance
8. Forestry BMP Implementation in Great Lakes BasinInformation/ Educationforestry
9. Grand Calumet River Lagoons Erosion Control DemonstrationDemonstrationUrban
10. Promoting Naturalized Drainage Channel DesignDemonstrationShoreline
11. Turkey Creek Corridor Enhancement ProjectDemonstrationShoreline
12. Shooter Ditch Sedimentation ProjectDemonstrationAgricultural
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