Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
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Featured Project: Stopping Sediment at its Source in the Rocky River Watershed

Grantee: Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District
State: OH
GLRI Program Funds: $400,000
Project Year: 2011
Contact information: Jared Bartley

Cover Crop Field Day

Farmers and all other interested parties were invited to a cover crop field day that took place Wednesday, November 28, 1-3 pm at the Dave Ehrman farm in York Township (Medina County).

The cover crop mixes were put on October 12 after beans were taken off. These 8 demo plots are each over 2 acre in size and include different combinations of covers and should provide a good test of the soils, fall weather conditions and root development. This will be an excellent test for the area and plants like crimson clover, tillage radishes, oats, groundhog radishes, winter peas, soilbuster radishes, appin turnips, winter rye, annual ryegrass, etc. In addition to sediment savings, cover crops provide many agronomic benefits, especially when utilized alongside no-till or other conservation tillage practices.

Cover crops are one of the sediment reduction practices available to farmers in the Mallett Creek and Plum Creek (west) subwatersheds.

Cover crops have been among the most popular practices for farmers enrolling in the program, with over 500 acres enrolled this fall. Farmers receive an incentive payment of $35/acre for the first 25 acres, and $40/acre for each acre of cover crops above 25 acres. This incentive payment structure is designed to move farmers beyond the trial stage, into full implementation of the practice.


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