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The $787 Billion Question: Understanding the Stimulus Package
The Northwest Indiana Forum (Forum) is hosting an educational presentation "The $787 Billion Question: Understanding the Stimulus Package" Tuesday, March 3rd at the Radisson Hotel (Merrillville). Presenters will cover the methods by which funding reaches Northwest Indiana, discretionary funds and applications for such funds. The closing segment of the program will feature a panel discussion and open Q and A. The information presented will provide significant insight in to the various funding opportunities for Northwest Indiana, which in early stages of drafting included possible coverage for the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.



Phosphorous and our water
Cass County has not yet joined Muskegon, Ottawa, Allegan or Van Buren in initiating ordinances banning phosphorous use on lawns. Commissioner David Taylor, D-Edwardsburg, introduced a fertilizer ordinance in committee last year, but it died "because we couldn't figure out how to enforce it."


Stimulus money could fund creek project under the federal stimulus package
If the state approves their request for $240 million in federal stimulus funds, Wayne County officials say they're ready to proceed with the next phase of a massive flood mitigation plan targeting communities in the Ecorse Creek Watershed.

Source: Press & Guide


One Stop for Ohio Soils Information
It's important to check the soils maps and information before you purchase land. Such information has been available to the public in soil survey books for most of the state for decades. Now that information is at the fingertips of every citizen. Increased accessibility to soils information can help you make smarter decisions about investments involving real estate.

The Division's Soil Inventory and Evaluation Section, in conjunction with the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service and The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, is responsible for the correlation, publication, and distribution of soil surveys in Ohio.

For more information, see: Ohio DNR Division of Soil and Water Conservation


What Farmers Need to Know

photo of frozen, flooded farm
Photo: Farm fields flooded from a rapid current
resulting from an unseen drain pipe.
This short presentation is designed to help local staff explain the complexities of the Agricultural performance Standards to local landowners, local officials and interested groups. The file can be downloaded and used as is, or can be customized by adding or deleting individual slides.

Download presentation here

Source: Wisconsin DNR, Agricultural Performance Standards Information and Education Committee


Watershed Tool of the Month
WARSSS - Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply: A Methodology for Assessing Sediment Problems in Rivers and Streams

This new technical methods website will help watershed managers assess and restore waters with suspended or bedded sediment problems. The centerpiece of the WARSSS website is a step-by-step, three-phase assessment methodology developed by Dr. David L. Rosgen for detecting sediment problems and source areas, estimating excessive sediment loads, and planning to restore normal sediment dynamics in streams and rivers. Besides the WARSSS methodology, the site also contains the entire sediment model WRENSS, a stream classification tutorial, and a large collection of links to clean sediment information and tools.

Conservation Training Opportunities
Integrated Conservation Training is a one-stop shop for integrated, cost-effective conservation training opportunities. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new employee, agency staff or private sector consultant, you will find many opportunities to improve your professional skills achieve certification or reach out to a new customer base. Effective, hands-on training that not only teaches, but shows you how to implement conservation on the land.

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