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Our Task Force members represent all Great Lakes states.

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Announcing the Great Lakes Basin Program Grant Projects for 2008

This fiscal year, the Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control awarded 17 grant projects. Due to the lack of Congressional funding for the grants program in 2007, the selection process for the 2008 grants was modified. The Task Force Selection Committee chose the top rated small-scale grant proposals (up to $40,000 in funding per project) from the list of grant applicants originally filed for the 2007 grant year. No new grant proposal requests were submitted in 2008. The amount awarded to 2008 grant projects totals $354,034.

2008 Grant Projects
Each number corresponds to individual projects.

Illinois: 1 Project

1. Building BMP Capacity in Kellogg Creek-Dead River Watersheds
Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC)
Ms. Patricia Werner,

Indiana: 2 projects

2. St. Joseph River Bank Stabilization Project
Sisters of the Holy Cross
Mr. Tom Stimson

3. Adams County Agricultural Runoff Reduction Project
Adams County SWCD
Mr. John Friedt

Michigan: 3 projects

4. St. Joseph River Watershed Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Project
Hillsdale Conservation District
Ms. Robin Ryan,

5. Rocky River Erosion and Sediment Control Project
$18,389 St. Joseph County Conservation District
Mr. Daniel Stanaway,

6. Upper Black River Bio-Erosion Control
Huron Pines
Mr. Patrick Ertel,

Minnesota: 2 projects

7. Miller Creek Gully Erosion and Sediment Control Project
South St. Louis SWCD
Mr. Nathan Schroeder,

8. Sediment Reduction From Winter Road Maintenance
Minnesota Erosion Control Association
Ms. Connie Fortin,

New York: 3 projects

9. Reducing Agricultural Erosion and Sediment in the Oak Orchard Watershed

Orleans County Soil & Water Conservation District
Mr. James Kingston,

10. Reducing Agricultural Soil Loss in Onondaga County, NY
Skaneateles Lake Watershed Agricultural Program
Mr. Mark Burger,

11. Sensitive Site Erosion Control
Yates County Soil & Water Conservation District
Mr. James Balyszak,

Ohio: 3 projects

12. Erie County Naturescaping Education Project
Mrs. Breann Hohman,

13. Chagrin River Education Project
Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District
Mrs. Carmella Shale,

14. Saving Soil on Continuous Corn
Conservation Action Project
Mr. Todd Hesterman,

Pennsylvania: 1 project

15. Best Management Practices for Agricultural Producers along Lake Erie and its Tributaries
Pennsylvania Sea Grant
Ms. Marti Martz,

Wisconsin: 2 projects

16. Baird Creek Sediment and Erosion Control Project
Glacierland Resource Conservation & Development
Mr. Jack Van Dixhorn,

17. Landowner Self Help Sediment Reduction Education On The West Twin River
Manitowoc County Soil & Water Conservation Dept.
Mr. Jerry Halverson,

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