Kingsbury Creek Erosion Project
Kingsbury Creek, MN

Grantee: South St. Louis Soil & Water Conservation District
Basin Program Funds: $75,000
Non-federal Funds: n/a
Project Duration: 10/1993 - 10/1996
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Accelerated erosion is continuing on a high, steep slope along Kingsbury Creek that discharges into the St. Louis Bay, despite the implementation of erosion control efforts, including re-vegetation of the slope in 1991. Erosion and groundwater seepage problems have prevented successful re-vegetation of the slope. The slope that requires stabilization is approximately 100 feet high and 100 feet wide with an estimated annual soil loss of 500 tons. This soil loss figure was estimated by measuring the changes of the slope over the past 30 years using historical aerial photography. The St. Louis River Basin Remedial Action Plan has identified sedimentation into the bay to be impairing beneficial uses.

The Kingsbury Creek Erosion Project is a cooperative effort between the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the city of Duluth, and the South St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District. The goals of the program were to stabilize a high, steep slope to control erosion and sedimentation into Kingsbury Creek which discharges into St. Louis Bay and Lake Superior. The project developed innovative techniques to install tile lines used to intercept groundwater seepage. An information and education program was also developed. The construction results will be presented to the St. Louis River Basin Remedial Action Plan committee and at regional and local technical conferences. Additionally, the project will include photographic monitoring of the slope for three years after completion.

In 1994, the project was not initiated due to insufficient staff and equipment capabilities in the Minnesota Department of Transportation. When the contract perspective bids were finally let, the bids were too high. The second submission for bids generated a bid that fell within the allotted amount. The work was completed as required in December 1995; however, in the spring of 1996, severe storms caused the bank to fail in two locations. The contractor was required to fix the problem under a change order, issued by the city engineer. The final work was completed on October 31, 1996.

Soil erosion has been reduced by 400 to 425 tons per year as a result of the project.

Contact: South St. Louis SWCD, (218) 723-4876


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