Lower Millecoquin River Stabilization Demonstration
Mackinac County, MI

Grantee: Luce/West Mackinac Soil and Water Conservation District and the Hiawatha Sportsman Club
Basin Program Funds: $16,687
Non-federal Funds: $13,113
Project Duration: 04/1995 - 03/1997
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Streambank erosion has deposited over 1,400 tons of sediment into the Lower Millecoquin River and is negatively impacting fish habitat, fish migration (Sturgeon), and water quality. Immediately adjacent to the proposed restoration site is an historical shipwreck that is also being negatively impacted by the eroding soil.

The Lower Millecoquin River Stabilization project is a coordinated effort between the Luce/West Mackinac Soil Conservation District, the Hiawatha Sportsman Club and the Upper Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council. The goal of the project is stabilize approximately 400 feet of eroding streambank upstream from the mouth of the lower Millecoquin River and Lake Michigan thereby improving river water quality and fish habitat. An unnamed 1800's buried shipwreck, located adjacent to the demonstration site, will also benefit from the soil erosion protection measures.

The Great Lakes Basin Program is spending $16,687 over a 24 month period to demonstrate the effective use of stabilization methods, including structural and bioengineering techniques to stabilize the streambanks.

The Lower Millecoquin River Stabilization Demonstration Project stabilized 300 feet of eroding streambank using rock riprap. This streambank protection measure has prevented approximately 1,400 tons of sediment per year from entering the Millecoquin River and Lake Michigan. Other benefits include the protection of a private road and an unnamed 1800's buried shipwreck.

More than twenty-five people from the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club viewed the construction project. The demonstration project will be featured at an upcoming Resource Conservation and Development meeting scheduled for October 1996.

Contact: William Peters, (906) 341-8215


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