Civil Engineering Technician Technical Assistance Program
Arenac County, MI

Grantee: Saginaw Bay Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc.
Basin Program Funds: $13,104
Non-federal Funds: $225,000
Project Duration: 09/1994 - 08/1995
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Soil erosion in the Saginaw Bay watershed is causing environmental and economic impacts. Environmentally, many forms of wildlife are affected by sediment and attached pollutants. Economically, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent or lost due to the clogged waterways, flood damage, and loss of fisheries habitat caused by soil erosion and sedimentation.

The goal of the Civil Engineering Technician Technical Assistance Program project is to provide technical assistance to Soil Conservation Districts in fifteen counties surrounding Saginaw Bay. In the Saginaw Bay watershed, sedimentation has been determined by Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) to be one of the major pollutants to the Bay and it also has contributed to the Saginaw Bay's designation as an Area of Concern (AOC). Technical Assistance will be in the form of inventory and evaluation of erosion sites and engineering assistance for typical concentrated flow erosion.

The Great Lakes Basin Program provided $13,104 to support a civil engineering technician. The technician will provide engineering assistance to soil conservation districts on engineering-related erosion problems that are directly impacting water quality, including streambank erosion, cattle crossings, road stream crossings, waterways, and erosion control structures.

As a result of this program, 27 streambank erosion sites covering 5,810 linear feet were given assistance. After all constructions projects have been completed, 1,382 tons of soil will be kept from river systems and the Saginaw Bay. Of the sites worked on, 17 have been installed resulting in 3,610 feet of stabilization and 917 tons of soil saved.

By applying the factor of 3 pounds of phosphorous and 2 pounds of nitrogen per average ton of soil saved, approximately 2,751 and 1,834 pounds respectively have also been kept from the water for those sites where construction was completed.

Contact: James Hergott, Project Coordinator, (517) 684-5650


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