Big Manistee, North Branch Project
Big Manistee, MI

Grantee: Kalkaska Soil and Water Conservation District
Basin Program Funds: $10,000
Non-federal Funds: $4,080
Project Duration: 09/1994 - 08/1995
Status: complete

Problem Statement
A portion of the North Branch near the Big Manistee River is contributing an excessive volume (116 tons) of sediment to the main stream, impairing water quality.

The goal of the Big Manistee, North Branch Project is to eliminate annual sediment loading in excess of 116 tons to the North Branch of the Big Manistee River. This project will complement the Big Manistee Restoration Project, currently in its fifth year with funding made available, in part, by the federal 319 program.

The reduction of sediment loading on the North Branch will be accomplished by stabilizing 290 lineal feet of "high bank" gully erosion through the use of “toe”armoring, bank terracing, and vegetative planting. The Great Lakes Basin Program provided $10,000 to support the implementation of these stabilizing techniques at two sites located 1/4 mile upstream from the convergence of the North Branch with the main stream. These sites were chosen due to their close proximity to the main stream and their excessive sediment loading.

Two of the istes along the river have been armored with rock, terraced, and seeded, and will receive shrubs in mid-October. Another two sites were treated with whole tree revetment, terraced, and seeded, and will also receive shrubs in October. The project addressed no agricultural sites, therefore no reductions in nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium occurred. It is estimated that as a result of the above stabilization techniques, approximately 116 tons of soil per year will be saved from entering the North Branch of the Manistee River.

Contact: Russ LaRowe, District Manager, (616) 258-3307


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