Cost Shares for Urban Streambanks
Lake County, OH

Grantee: Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District
Basin Program Funds: $10,160
Non-federal Funds: $4,420
Project Duration: 06/1997 - 12/1999
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Lake County, Ohio has three valuable watersheds, a Lake Erie marsh, and two Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) designated scenic rivers, whose integrity are threatened by urban development. Sedimentation of the river mouths is the most significant impact of construction since neither the county nor municipalities have plans for storm water management or creek corridor conservation. There is a need to educate riparian land owners in best management practices (BMP) in order to ensure long-term erosion control and provide support for municipal regulation.

Chagrin River revetment

The Chagrin River has been classified a state scenic river with cold-water habitat. The Grand River is designated a wild river with a rating as an exceptional warm-water habitat. Both rivers are experiencing increasing sediment build-up from nonpoint sources. Sedimentation degrades aquatic habitat and affects navigation. The Chagrin River Port Authority estimates an annual dredging of 10,000 cubic yards to enhance recreational boating, while commercial access to Fairport Harbor will require removal of 225,000 cubic yards of sediment in 1997.

The Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District has a 50 year tradition of working with private landowners to conserve soil and water resources. In the affected watersheds the District will offer five riparian landowners technical assistance and small financial incentives as well as a 50 percent cost-share of materials, to encourage better stewarding of their stream banks. This pilot project will enable District personnel to assess landowner interest and responsiveness to determine the need for a continued cost-share program. The District also believes this pilot will help develop technical skills in bio-engineered solutions to erosion and sediment control, both among their personnel and, if sufficient interest is displayed, among local landscape contractors.

Cribwall along Piersons Creek

Five demonstration sites have been chosen from 11 applicants. Site bioengineering designs and budgets are being developed by the program consultant. When bioengineering designs are complete, the project team will finalize negotiations with land owners, organize purchase of materials and arrange for labor and then install the chosen BMP. At the same time, project personnel will organize a seminar to introduce bioengineering to landscapers and other contractors.

Contact: Dan Donaldson, (440) 350-2730


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