Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance Pilot Project
Wayne County, NY

Grantee: Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District
Basin Program Funds: $4,762
Non-federal Funds: $1,670
Project Duration: 06/1998 - 06/2000
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Water quality monitoring has demonstrated that close to 4,000 tons of sediment annually enter Sodus Bay contributing to degraded water quality and fish and wildlife habitat in Lake Ontario. In order to address this problem, the Wayne County Conservation District will develop a local ordinance requiring erosion and sediment control measures for construction and new development in Wayne County.

Stormwater Erosion & Sediment Control workbook.

The Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District plays an integral role in assisting local governments with natural resource management issues. For instance, the conservation district developed and facilitated the adoption of a common ordinance for septic systems in Wayne County. The conservation district proposes a similar ordinance to address soil erosion and sedimentation control during construction. The application of such an ordinance will reduce the amount of sediment entering Sodus Bay annually and lead to improved water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat.

The goal of this project is to facilitate the adoption of an erosion and sediment control ordinance in fifteen Wayne County towns located in the Lake Ontario basin. This pilot project will demonstrate the kind of interagency cooperation that integrates soil erosion and sedimentation control efforts with water quality initiatives and can be adopted throughout the region.

District personnel will draft an erosion and sediment control ordinance. They will then develop supporting educational materials which outline the need for and benefit of erosion and sediment control. This will most likely take the form of a video and accompanying brochure. District staff will then attend town board meetings to promote the ordinance, in the process disseminating information to town councils, planning committees and, through council reports, to the larger community.

District staff drafted a model stormwater erosion and sediment control ordinance and conveyed it to the Director of the County Planning Department and two town supervisors for review and comment. The ordinance was also posted on the district's web site for review by the community at large and other communities contemplating similar measures. At the same time, District staff made municipalities aware of technical support at the District that can reduce the burden of site review for municipal officials. Project personnel developed an educational brochure that can be used throughout the Great Lakes basin to promote the importance and benefits of the ordinance. They also developed press releases for county newspapers. The articles informed the public about the District's campaign to promote stormwater management and erosion control. The District expects this multi-phase response will help protect freshwater resources.

Contact: Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District, (315) 946-4136


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