Wisconsin BMPs for Water Quality Educational Program
statewide, WI

Grantee: Forest Industry Safety & Training Alliance (FISTA)
Basin Program Funds: $27,500
Non-federal Funds: $9,800
Project Duration: 07/2003 - 09/2004
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Wisconsin's Forestry BMP (Best management Practices) educational program is nine years old and is in need of updating.

It is estimated that 80 % of Wisconsin's loggers work in the Great Lakes Watershed area at some point each year. The current educational/workshop program for forestry BMP's in Wisconsin is nine years old and is lacking updated information that reflects current issues and new techniques that have been recently developed. The current presentation material has eight different slide programs, which makes it cumbersome and somewhat monotonous.

Forest Industry Safety & Training Alliance (FISTA) personnel and the Wisconsin BMP Steering Committee reviewed the existing eight-section slide program and use the recommendations for specific slide verbiage and types of pictures needed to develop a new script. FISTA personnel and the Committee determined if there are other areas beyond the current eight that should be added to the program such as "Pesticide and Herbicide use" or "Prescribed Burning." They also reviewed applicable existing slides, videos, and other materials to use in the new BMP outline. A script was developed that was reviewed and critiqued by eight organizations involved in "Forest management", and changes were made before the script was finalized. Material from two previously funded projects through GLBP was used in this project.

Groeschl Forestry Consulting, Inc., FISTA personnel, and WDNR staff took updated pictures of appropriate situations/circumstances to incorporate into the presentation.HVS Productions developed a BMP Power Point Presentation with the materials collected and FISTA personnel and the BMP Steering Committee edited the Power Point Presentation.

A final draft presentation was ready for use for our first BMP training programs on March 31st and April 1st. We had several different speakers at these programs and were able to obtain a broad spectrum of comments. From those comments, changes were made to the final draft. The final draft presentation was submitted to the DNR and other interested parties for review during the 2nd week of May. The presentation was used during three more BMP training programs and more comments were solicited. All changes were made and the final product was completed in mid June. The Power point Presentation will be used at estimated 7 to 10 BMP workshops annually. Having the powerpoint presentation established enhances are editing and updating capabilities. Text and pictures can no be easily changed or move in the presentation, and material added or deleted as needed.

Contact: Ms. Barb Henderson, (715) 282-4979


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