Lake Erie Watersheds Riparian Corridor Improvement Project
Southern Wayne County, MI

Grantee: Wayne County Department of Environment
Basin Program Funds: $87,717
Non-federal Funds: $21,929
Project Duration: 07/2003 - 08/2005
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Sediment and nutrient pollution in southern Wayne County rivers, creeks, streams and drains is excessive, is increasing, and is having a negative impact on water quality. The problems include: excessive streambank erosion and sedimentation, increasing storm water flows due to increasing development, and improper/inadequate soil erosion and sedimentation controls and riparian corridor management/maintenance techniques

The southern watersheds of Wayne County have recently created watershed advisory groups. These WAGs have identified sedimentation, streambank erosion and nutrient pollution as major impacts to water quality. Wayne County's Watershed Management Division and its Land Resource Management Division will meet and work with each of the four WAGs (Ecorse Creek, Frank and Poet/Blakely Drain, Huron River and Swan Creek) to involve and implement this project. A Riparian Corridor Management (RCM) sub-committee will be formed from the WAGs. Project staff will facilitate meeting of this sub-committee to plan and implement all elements of the project.

The RCM sub-committee participants and project staff will carry out the planning of four (4) riparian corridor management workshops where general RCM and Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) concepts and techniques will be presented and discussed. Thw four workshops, one in each targeted watershed, will be held for local government officials, developers, businesses, environmental groups and private citizens. Evaluation surveys will be given to the participants at each workshop. The results will be compiled in individual workshop summaries.

Project staff will plan, design and secure any necessary permits, and contractors, to implement the four demonstration project sites. Project sites #1 and #2 will be completed in the fall of 2004, and sites #3 and #4 will be completed in the spring of 2005. Implementation/construction of these demonstration projects will involve local government officials, developers, businesses, environmental groups and private citizens.

Project information will be distributed by mailing lists to local government officials and local environmental groups. Information about the program will be available on the Wayne County Department of Environment Website.

Four riparian corridor management workshops were conducted in Taylor, Rockwood, Flat Rock, and Van Buren Township. The Van Buren Township RCM workshop had no attendees. Suspected causes for this may have been that the day it was held was the first nice weather of the season. Flyers, press release and email notice distribution occurred but the event was inadvertently not posted in the host community newsletter. For each workshop, flyers were distributed at local municipal buildings, the communities direct mailed to residents, local newspaper articles were written and press releases went out to all newspaper contacts. Over 1000 flyers were distributed for the four workshops.

The four demonstration project sites were selected (from 18 candidates) were Silver Creek, Flat Rock; the Frank and Poet Drain, Taylor; the Huron River, Rockwood; and Brownstown Creek in Brownstown. A consulting firm developed the plans which included techniques such as live fascines, brushmatress, live stakes, live posts and establishment of riparian buffer areas “Grow Zones”. Demonstration project sites will continue to be evaluated using techniques developed by project staff, the RCM Sub-committee and project partners. Wayne County Department of Environment (WCDOE) will continue to photo monitor each demonstration project site. Informational signage was placed to identify the four sites as streambank stabilization sites.

A final report evaluating and summarizing all elements of the project was prepared. All printed materials have been reproduced and given to local communities and the Department of Environment for distribution and use. Project information has been distributed to local government officials and local environmental groups. Information about the program and the projects is available on the Wayne County Department of Environment Website (

Contact: Mr. Noel Mullett Jr., (734) 326-4486


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