Partnership Implementation of NPDES Phase II Minimum Control Measures
Geauga County, OH

Grantee: Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District
Basin Program Funds: $14,747
Non-federal Funds: $9,597
Project Duration: 07/2002 - 11/2004
Status: complete

Problem Statement
It is anticipated that implementation of the upcoming National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II regulations will drastically increase the number of regulated construction sites in Geauga County. The County serves as the headwaters for four major river systems (Chagrin, Cuyahoga, Grand, and Mahoning) making the need for proper implementation of the newer NPDES Phase II regulations a high priority. This will ensure the health of the rivers within the county and for many downstream communities.

The revised NPDES Phase II regulations require that all new construction sites greater than one acre must submit an erosion and sediment control plan and abide by all regulations. Zoning in Geauga County allows for very few building sites of less than one acre due to septic system requirements. This means there will be a substantial increase in the amount of regulated construction sites within the county. Upon implementation the number of site plans and inspections for construction sites are expected to increase from the current 50 new sites per year to more than 500 new sites per year. This number includes residential lots (which are not currently monitored) as well as the already monitored commercial sites and subdivisions.

There will also be an inventory of the approximately 350 stormwater basins currently in the county.

This project goal is to enhance effective reduction of sediment as a form of nonpoint source pollution contributed to water resources at construction sites by encouraging a cooperative effort within Geauga County to meet the Minimum Control Measures of NPDES Phase II. This will be achieved by revising the Geauga County WMSC to include monitoring sites between one and five acres. This will allow the Geauga SWCD to monitor nearly all sites in the county to ensure compliance. Violations will be tracked with the goal to reduce the number each year. Public awareness of nonpoint source pollution will be achieved through presentations to school groups, local organizations, and a workshop for developers and contractors The inventory of all stormwater basins will enhance future maintenance and inspection as required under NPDES Phase II. All current basins will be assigned a coordinate using the Global Positioning System (GPS), cataloged, and entered as data into the county’s Geographical Information System (GIS). Once the inventory is complete the basins will be monitored and updated on a regular basis.

Revisions to the "Geauga County Water Management and Sediment Control Regulations" were completed along with a Public Hearing and adoption by the Geauga County Commissioners. Through several meetings we were able to work out details of enforcement and applicability to ensure compliance of all sites with Ohio EPA NDPES Phase 2 and the Geauga County Regulations. A "model" township zoning resolution was created that townships can adopt to helps fill the gap that Geauga SWCD is not legally able to enforce. A certification form was created to ensure that all contractors and other parties associated with a construction site, understands their responsibilities in ensuring compliance with the County Regulations. An application was also created to gather all pertinent information for a construction site when a plan is submitted. The regulations and other documents are all available for download as PDF’s on our website for ease in obtaining by everyone. GPS coordinates were obtained for all existing stormwater basins and entered into a data base. As new construction projects are complete, stormwater basins information will be added. Two BMP (Best Management Practice) Workshops were held covering the importance of erosion/sediment and stormwater control on construction sites, potential impacts to the watershed, and details of the new county regulations. "Homeowner Guide to Erosion and Sediment Control" and "Homebuilders Plan Requirements" brochure and checklists were completed and distributed to all communities within Geauga County.

Contact: Ms. Carmella Shale, 440-834-1122


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