Water Quality Erosion Control Workshops
Orleans County, NY

Grantee: Orleans County Soil and Water Conservation District
Basin Program Funds: $3,000
Non-federal Funds: $4,303
Project Duration: 04/1995 - 03/1996
Status: complete

Problem Statement
Lakeshore property owners, highway superintendents and farmer are groups that have been identified as needing information and education to reduce soil erosion and sedimentation to Lake Ontario.

Orleans County Water Quality Coordinating Committee

Water quality erosion control workshops will be used to provide soil erosion and sediment control information and education to three target audiences: lakeshore owners, highway superintendents, and farmers. The workshops will highlight best management practices for reducing erosion problems that are specific for each audience.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) selected the three target audiences because of the increased number of requests received from lakeshore property owners for technical assistance for soil erosion control problems, the increase in highway construction activities in Orleans County and because of the number of large cash crop farm operations which have high percentage of row crops. Row crops have a high soil erosion potential.

The Great Lakes Basin Program is spending $3,000 over a 12 month period to: 1) support the development of background materials for the workshops and 2) conduct three water quality erosion control workshops.

Five workshops were conducted over the 12 month period. Two additional workshops, targeting town officials and contractors, were added to the three originally identified in the grant proposal. The workshops were promoted at several local events including the County Fair and the Lakeshore Erosion Seminar.

A display of local erosion problems and soil erosion control practices was developed and presented at all five conferences. In addition, erosion and sediment control information packets, tailored to each target group, were prepared and distributed to all workshop attendees. All the workshops received positive reviews from those in attendance. Below is a summary of the each of the workshop.

The landowners workshop, held January 23, focused on care of streambanks and lakeshore areas, seeding and maintenance of waterways, addressing pasture and cropping erosion problems and an update of soil erosion control practices. Eight people were in attendance.

The town officials workshop, held January 30, focused on SPEDES permit requirements, new storm water management and erosion control principles, and the role of governments now and in the future. The workshop was attended by local town officials, planning boards and zoning officers. Twelve people were in attendance.

Two farmers workshops were held on February 28 and Aug 16. A total of 52 farmers were in attendance to learn about rotational grazing practices in an effort to move more area into permanent pasture and out of row crops.

The contractors workshop, held March 26, focused on the fundamentals of erosion and sediment control, installation and maintenance procedures, enforcement and compliance, and examples of highway projects using best management practices. 110 contractors from 10 counties in western New York participated in the workshop.

The highway workshop, held November 2, focused on best management practices for site preparation, runoff control, soil stabilization, and sediment control; storm water regulations; and the hydroseeder program. Thirty four people were in attendance representing highway departments from five counties.

Contact: Orleans County Soil and Water Conservation District, (716) 589-5959


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